UX Story - Freelance UX Consultant

Why hire UX consultant

You can contact me in Telegram: t.me/sergeybryukhno.

Please introduce your project, provide links, describe problems that your business experience and let me know what results you want to achieve.

Why hire you?

  • I have over 10 years of experience in UX field
  • I worked for large-scale international companies
  • I have proven records of successful UX projects
  • I focus on data rather then heuristics
  • I achieve measurable results

How do I benefit from hiring UX consultant?

  • UX consultant can lead client through user research.
  • Provide holistic evaluation of client’s digital product.
  • Perform UX prototyping and usability testing.
  • Roadmap and implement UX strategy.
  • Equip stakeholders and staff with working knowledge of best UX practises.
  • Lead and influence organisation’s UX efforts with top-down, expert mindset.
  • Recommend methods and tools for measuring UX improvements.

What’s the difference between UX consultant and in-house UX/UI designer?

The benefit of hiring a UX consultant is that the consultant tells his clients what needs to be done—as opposed to the client hiring a UX designer to perform a specific task. This is a monumental shift in mindset. A designer may be an expert at a given task, but a consultant is a “big-picture” expert.

Is it possible to work with you remotely?

Yes, absolutely. I can provide you with UX expertise remotely.