UX dark patterns: Selling supplementary products with the power of UX

The task: Sell supplementary insurance product along with payday loan.

During user shadowing sessions in HotJar and Yandex Webvisor, it was found that a common user behaviour the final screen of loan application flow was rather to tap call-to-action button then read all loan agreements and other legal terms and conditions. This was a influence to choose a simple solution – preselected checkbox for insurance agreement.

Later the central bank, the state regulator, recommended not to use preselected checkboxes. Checkbox was unchecked. The result was a decline in sales of supplementary product.

Task update: To find a substitute solution that will work and conform with the recommendations (read requirements) of the central bank.

User pass through the five steps of loan application where the final final action on the screen is always a tap on same color button with the text “Proceed”. On the final step he is seeing still the same orange button but here we are changing the wording to “Proceed with insurance”. Underneath the button we place a link “Proceed without insurance”. We say it clearly!

The result: Using the same behaviour patterns, almost the same percentage of people click on the orange call-to-action button “Proceed with insurance”. Penetration rate of supplementary insurance product returned to the level it was with the preselected checkbox.

Due to my agreement with the company , I can not provide exact numbers.