Investment portal Tugush case study is a portal where investors can find a company to invest in and business owners can post their company to attract investors.

Design system

I’ve created a system of reusable elements.

Design system

A set of adaptive to templates for every screen resolution following Bootstrap grid and breakpoints.

Page templates
I used Sketch app to design interfaces
I used Sketch app to design all 89 interfaces.

Case Study

One of the iteration of the product was the requirement of stake holder to make a closed website. They believe that this will work better for creating a base pf investors while the portal is in lack of variety of investment opportunities.

I proposed to create a landing page explaining the idea of the portal and call-to-action button that leads users to registration flow in order to access the catalog of companies.

Simple landing page with CTA and advantages in numbers.

During ideation process and interviewing sales managers, I found that significant difference in behaviour pattern of investors and business owners. Investors rather would like to discuss everything by phone and pass registration job to our sales manages. Business owners rather would like to put information online as it requires more time to find all the requested info. They also interested to provide full and accurate information about the potential of their business.

This gave me an idea to ask for mobile phone number on the first step and let sales team to call the clients if they abandon registration flow.

Confirm your phone number with SMS on the first step of registration.

That worked out really well. Sales team collected more contacts of investors during a week then it was before and business owners provided information in a convenient manner.

Later when portal accumulated more companies interested in investments, it was decided to show a limited number of companies to attract investors and provide information about the business of the portal more openly. This iteration was also connected with public events.

New home page offered registration CTAs for companies and investors, several most attractive projects to invest in, portal news, quotes by happy investors, partners and social networks.

Here is a couple another variants that was made during a design process.